Thermal labels 50x44mm

Buy Thermal labels 50x44mm only at labels store
  • Model: 50×44/TD
  • Width: 50 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Type: Thermal Direct
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer:

Perforated self-adhesive labels in rolls made of thermal paper for direct thermal (TD) printers.

The thermal label 50x44mm (TD) does not require the use of ribbon.

Available for pre-order only
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Buy Thermal labels 50x44mm only at labels store
Characteristic Description
Consumable type Labels in rolls
Width 50 mm
Height 44 mm
Material Thermal Direct (TD)
Color White
Adhesive Permanent
Labels in roll 100-3000 pcs
Inside diameter 25 mm/ 40 mm/ 76 mm

Thermal label 50mm x 44mm — high quality thermal transfer label.

50mm x 44mm thermal transfer labels are a reliable and high quality solution for your business. Our company offers you a wide range of roll label options to meet your product labeling needs.

One of the main advantages of 50mm x 44mm thermal transfer labels is the superior print quality. Using thermal transfer technology, we ensure a clear and vibrant print on each label. Your logo, product information or any other information will look professional and attractive, capturing the attention of consumers.

The thermal label 50mm x 44mm can be used in various industries. They are ideal for labeling food, beverages, cosmetics and other items. Thanks to the generous size offered by this format, you can include all the necessary information on the label.

Durability and strength are other advantages of our 50mm x 44mm thermal transfer labels. They resist humidity, temperature variations and other external conditions. You can be sure that your label will remain legible and attractive throughout the product's shelf life.

By choosing our company to purchase 50mm x 44mm thermal transfer labels, you will not only receive high quality products, but also excellent service. We are committed to processing orders efficiently, ensuring prompt deliveries and providing personalized treatment to every customer.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your product labeling with 50mm x 44mm thermal transfer labels. Contact us today and our team of experts will assist you in choosing and ordering the right labels for your needs.


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