Termo Direct Labels

Thermal Direct (TD) Labels

Thermal labels (stickers) are matte paper with a heat-sensitive layer. This type of paper transfers the thermal print directly from the printer head to the paper. Thermal printers print labels on heat-sensitive paper without ink, toner or ribbons. Thermal labels are indispensable where it is necessary to label food products, as well as products with a short shelf life. The thermal label may fade over time. If the label is exposed to excessive heat, light or other environmental factors, the material will darken and the text or barcode will become illegible. For these reasons, direct thermal printing is not used to print expiration dates on items, so they are usually printed and affixed just before they are sold. Direct thermal printing labels remain legible for 6-12 months of storage in a warehouse or on a store shelf.

Looking for thermal labels for your barcode printer? We have a wide range of thermal labels for all printing devices. Whether you're printing product, shipping or inventory labels, you'll find all the sizes and supplies you need for your business here.

Fields of application of thermal labels In food stores at the scale, At enterprises and companies specialized in the import and export of food products, In the field of postal services and the transport of goods


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