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Thermal labels Printing

If you want to order thermal labels with printing and make us a request, you need to know the following:

  • label size
  • number of labels per order
  • black or color printing

Printing on self-adhesive thermal labels is the most common type of printing on self-adhesive labels. This seal is as simple as possible and is used for marking almost all products that do not require a long shelf life. Printing occurs by direct thermal transfer to thermal paper. And as a result, the print loses its brightness over time and becomes lighter. The equipment used for additional printing is mainly a thermal printer of various capacities and sizes.

Of course, modern technologies make it possible to print labels not only in black, but also in any other color. We also produce labels of any sizes and variations. for example, with perforations between stickers, numbering, changing barcodes or with variable data on each label.

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Printing a thermal transfer label

Thermal transfer printing is used in label printers, or so-called barcode printers or when printing plastic cards. The main advantage of printing on these printers is the ability to print small runs, efficiency and convenience. The main disadvantage is the inability to print color transitions, smooth transitions of color and tone.

In thermal transfer label printing, a ribbon is always used when transferring the image onto paper.

This seal is extremely durable and can be used in various areas where marking of goods is required, the storage conditions of which have increased requirements.

If you want to buy self-adhesive thermal transfer labels (stickers, decals) with printing in Chisinau, and make us a request, you need to know the following:

  • label size
  • number of labels per order
  • printing black or color

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