A4 adhesive labels

Etichete in foi A4

Self-adhesive A4 paper with labels is the most versatile and widely used self-adhesive material. Below we offer you a table of sizes according to which self-adhesive paper will be cut on the base. Common applications for A4 self adhesive include labels for storing goods, documents in the office, home household organization, etc. All sheets of self-adhesive A4 consist of 3 layers: a front sheet ready for printing on an inkjet or laser printer, a layer of glue, and a sheet of glossy paper (backing) to protect the adhesive surface until the finished sticker is applied to the surface. Here you can order the A4 adhesive itself with any desired paper cut shape, depending on your needs. Order self-adhesive A4 paper for subsequent printing on an inkjet or laser printer. In addition, we provide printing services on almost any self-adhesive materials. Due to the fact that self-adhesive paper is already cut before it is sent to the printer, printing will achieve the utmost accuracy and precision.

Available sizes of self-adhesive A4

Etichete in foi A4

Minimum 1000 sheets

Price 1.80 MDL per sheet

1000-5000 sheets

Price 1.60 MDL per sheet

From 5000 sheets

Price 1.40 MDL per sheet

More than 10 thousand sheets

The price is discussed individually

Characteristics of labels on A4 sheets

  • White paper
  • Sheets size 210×297 millimeters
  • Matte finish for vibrant, high-quality printing
  • 100% guaranteed paper quality
  • For use on inkjet and laser printers
Self-adhesive paper in A4 format has good adhesion to most surfaces and does not slip after application Printed images should be stored in a dry environment to maintain durability and brightness of the image. Use your printer software to calibrate color before printing for best results.

Compatible with laser and inkjet printers

Load the paper tray with A4 self-adhesive paper to print colorful, custom stickers for business, school and home use. Use sheets to print large quantities of stickers for advertising, charts, and other marketing materials. Apply the desired images and text for the stickers onto the A4 self-adhesive label from etichete.eu. Use an inkjet or laser printer to create and transfer images onto self-adhesive paper. The white surface helps improve color performance while providing a smooth surface that holds ink and gives a professional-quality appearance.


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