Thermal Transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels are high-quality labels designed for printing using a ribbon (ink ribbon). These labels provide durable and environmentally resistant printed images, making them ideal for various industries and applications where reliable and clear labeling is required.

The thermal transfer printing process involves the use of a ribbon, which transfers ink onto the label surface under the influence of heat. This ensures high print quality and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation. Thermal transfer labels are excellent for applications such as inventory, logistics, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other fields where durable labels are needed.

Advantages of thermal transfer labels:

  • High print quality: Clear and durable images and text.
  • Durability: Resistance to abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.
  • Variety of sizes and formats: Suitable for any task and requirement.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for most thermal transfer printers.

Applications of thermal transfer labels: Product and goods labeling, asset identification and tracking, storage and logistics labels, medical and laboratory labels, labeling in aggressive environments, long-term storage labels. is a label manufacturer and can produce any size to meet all your needs.


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