Thermal Removable 56x82mm

Buy Thermal Removable 56x82mm only at labels store
  • Model: 56x82/TD-Spec
  • Width: 56 mm
  • Height: 82 mm
  • Type: TDS (Termo Direct Removable)
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer:

Rolls of self-adhesive thermal paper labels with special removable adhesive for direct thermal transfer (TD) printers. 

The thermal label 56x82mm (TD) does not require the use of ribbon.

Suitable for any surface where easy label removal is required.

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Buy Thermal Removable 56x82mm only at labels store
Characteristic Description
Consumable type Labels in rolls
Width 56 mm
Height 82 mm
Material Thermal Removable
Color White
Adhesive Removable
Labels in roll 800-1000 buc
Inside diameter 25 mm / 40 mm / 76 mm

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Universal thermal label 56x82mm: a reliable assistant with easy-to-remove adhesive

We present a universal label of 56x82mm, specially designed for marking glass products and furniture.

This label has a number of advantages that make it an ideal choice for the furniture industry:


The label is suitable for application on any glass surface and furniture, leaving no traces after removal.

Strength and Durability:

Made of wear-resistant materials, the label can withstand various operating conditions without losing its appearance and functionality.

Easy to use:

Applying the label requires no special tools or skills.

Ideal for cutting:

Due to the size of 56x82mm, the label is ideal for marking parts when cutting in the furniture industry.

Special glue:

The label is equipped with a special adhesive that ensures reliable fixation on the surface, but if necessary, it can be easily removed without leaving traces.

Wide range of applications:

The tag can be used to mark:

  • Thermopane windows
  • Furniture facades
  • Glass showcases
  • Mirrors
  • Meals
  • Chairs
  • Closets
  • Other furniture products
  • Parts for cutting

With this universal tag you can:

Facilitate the cutting process: Thanks to the clear markings of the parts, you can cut quickly and accurately, without errors.

Improve quality control: Labels can help you track parts in production, which will improve the quality of the finished product.

Reduce waste: Labeling parts correctly will help you avoid confusion and waste in production.

Increase operational efficiency: By using labels, you can optimize your production processes, resulting in lower costs and increased productivity.

Easy-to-remove labels: The special adhesive ensures smooth removal of labels without leaving any traces when needed.

Order these versatile 56x82mm labels today and make your production process more efficient, error-free and with easy-to-remove labels!


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