External label roll support GoDex 114mm

900 mdl

Printhead module TSC TDP-225 (203dpi)

1998 mdl

Printhead module TSC TE200/TE210 (203dpi)

1998 mdl


Accessories and Components offers a wide range of accessories and components to ensure maximum performance and ease of use for TSC printers. Regardless of your business tasks, we have everything you need to optimize your printing processes.

Label Rewinders and Unwinders

  • External Rewinders: Ideal for handling large volumes of labels, ensuring neat winding of finished rolls.
  • Unwinders: Simplify working with large label rolls, allowing smooth feeding of material into the printer.

Printheads and Thermal Elements

  • Printheads: High-quality printheads ensure clear and durable printing, available for all TSC printer models.
  • Printing Modules: Replacement and upgrade components that maintain optimal printer performance.

Feeding Systems and Holders

  • Internal Roll Holders: Ensure reliable retention of rolls inside the printer for stable material feeding.
  • Automatic Feeding Systems: Accelerate the printing process and reduce downtime.

Additional Modules and Options

  • Cutter Modules: Automate the label cutting process, ideal for tasks requiring precise cuts.
  • Label Dispensers: Facilitate the process of peeling and applying labels, increasing work speed.

Interfaces and Connectivity Options

  • Wireless Connectivity Modules: Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy integration into network systems.
  • Additional Ports and Adapters: Expand connectivity options and integration with various devices.

Contact us today to learn more about the available accessories and components for TSC printers and to request a personalized offer. We are here to help you find the best solutions for your printing needs, ensuring high quality, reliability, and superior performance.


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